The Journal of the Association for Information Systems (JAIS) will collaborate with PACIS 2022 to hold a virtual one-day author development workshop on July 4, immediately before the conference. The workshop is designed to provide PACIS 2022 participants with (1) feedback from journal’s editors on potential submissions, as well as (2) the opportunity to discuss with the editors on how to develop papers for submission to the journal or elsewhere.

JAIS is the flagship journal of AIS, publishes the highest quality scholarship in the field of information systems. It is inclusive in topics, level and unit of analysis, theory, method and philosophical and research approach, reflecting all aspects of Information Systems globally. The Journal promotes innovative, interesting and rigorously developed conceptual and empirical contributions and encourages theory based multi- or inter-disciplinary research. The 3-year impact factor of JAIS for 2020 is 5.149.

PACIS 2022 JAIS Paper Development Workshop


July 4, 8am-11am Taipei Time (8pm-11pm July 3 US Eastern Time)

We invite you to join JAIS for a workshop on developing papers for submission and managing the revision process.  This workshop will include a panel of JAIS editors who will discuss the process, struggles, and strategies involved in developing a manuscript, preparing a response document, communicating with editors, and revising a paper. After the panel, we will separate into breakout sessions where several JAIS editors will present the journey of a journal article from first submission to publication, including example referee reports and how they were addressed. Participants may choose which breakout room they wish to join at that time.

The workshop is free to attend but participants must register for the conference and for the workshop.


All times are in Taipei time (UTC+8). US EST time is 12 hours behind Taipei time.

Time Activity
08:00-08:15 am Introduction
08:15-09:15 am Panel & Q&A: Dorothy Leidner, JAIS Editor-in-Chief and JAIS Senior Editors Daniel Chen and Kim Huat Goh.
09:15-09:30 am Break
09:30-10:45 am Breakout Session: Participants Select Session to Attend

Breakout Session 1: Presenter: Daniel Chen, Texas Christian University, USA
Paper: Chen, D.Q., Preston, D.S., and Swink, M. (2021) “How Big Data Analytics Affects Supply Chain Decision-Making: An Empirical Analysis,” Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 22(5).
Breakout Session 2: Presenter: Kim Huat Goh, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Paper: Goh, K.H., Wang, L., Yeow, A.Y.K., et al. (2021) “Artificial intelligence in sepsis early prediction and diagnosis using unstructured data in healthcare.” Nature Communications 12, 711.
Breakout Session 3: Presenter: Dorothy Leidner, Baylor University, USA
Paper: Balozian, P., Burns, A.J., and Leidner, D.E. (Forthcoming, 2023). “An Adversarial Dance: Toward an Understanding of Insiders’ Responses to Organizational Information Security Measures.” Journal of the Association for Information Systems.

10:45-11:00 am Concluding Remarks